Members History and Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Peace and Education Coalition (PEC) is to foster relationships between local community stakeholders. The Coalition members work to create a united vision to help neighborhood children, especially those trapped in a cycle of poverty and violence. The Coalition serves at-risk and high-risk youth by promoting peace and education in the Back of the Yards, New City community. We strive to guide our children with hope, a future and opportunities to reach their potential.


 The Peace and Education Coalition of Back of the Yards, New City (PEC) was formed in 1997. The mission of the PEC is to use education as a way to reduce and prevent violence. Poverty is very prevalent in the neighborhood and presents significant challenges to the residents, especially the youth. So the PEC uses its partnerships to collaborate and maximize all grant and contribution dollars. Since it’s inception the PEC has been an all volunteer organization with very little overhead. Therefore, all the money that is raised for scholarship or youth programming is used for that stated purpose only. The Board of Directors do not receive compensation for their efforts.
The PEC currently has 8 schools, 3 local parishes, law enforcement, elected officials and over 40 different non-profit agencies as members. Our work has been recognized on a city, state, and national level. The PEC will continue to look for new opportunities and partners as we move forward.